Challenge for Europe

We call on the European Union to regulate the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and force businesses to better inform consumers. Today, GMOs are invading Europe through animal feed. Seed firms are hoping to undermine the GMO ban by preparing to put hidden GMOs or “secure Terminators” on the market. In order to respect the wishes of the European people, the rule needs to oppose such workaround strategies.


Post written by Farmers Seed Network, a French network of associations, professionals, and civil society working for the redeployment of crop biodiversity in fields and gardens,

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  1. A brief comment in the form of an admission of tangential relevance.

    I clicked on the link to the European parliament and it suggested to me that, as advocated here, product labelling is indeed being advanced as a fix not just for GMOs, but pesticides, too.

    The admission is about something I learned only last week about the tiny label on tuna cans that tells you it is “Dolphin Friendly.” What this means is that the school of tuna fish was identified by some means other than searching for pods of dolphins feeding on them – not that no dolphins were harmed in the making of your tuna sandiwch.

    The relevant point is obvious but worth stating: simply that consumer labelling is only useful insofar as the consumer is aware of what the label means. The tuna label is very common and had me fooled for nigh on since I began buying that delicious fish.

    I am forced to wonder how the amount of information the consumer needs to know about the production processes contributing to their fruits and legumes might be more pragmatically branded in this instance. GM-Okay?

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