Challenge for Europe

We propose to develop a system of congestion charges to regulate automobile traffic in cities. The car is an inappropriate means of urban transport, costly, dangerous, inconvenient and environmentally unfriendly. This incompatibility will only grow with the increase in urban populations, the scarcity of available oil (“peak oil”) and global warming. The congestion charge appears to be a method for regulating automobile congestion in our modern cities, while allocating the resulting revenues to projects that improve the mobility of low-income individuals.

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Post written by Laurent Zibell (born in 1966 in Paris) lives in Germany. An engineer with professional interests in the areas of R & D; technology venture capital; innovation consulting. He is doing a Ph.D., supervised by both British and French universities, in the economics of innovation. He has been an analyst of European public policy since the 1990s, and has established both the political association “Civic Forum” (1995-1999) and the “European Citizens’ Seminars e.v.”

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