Challenge for Europe

We propose new legislation to ban all patents on living things. This legislation also needs to force industries to inform users, in a transparent way, about the kinds of genetic manipulations which were used. The New Variety Certificates in use today support an unhealthy lack of transparency because they protect inventions and discoveries without the need to give any information about the breeding methods or the origin of plants used. This opens the door to the massive and even uncontrollable use of biopiracy and new genetic manipulations that are not subject to regulation. Moreover, the NVC bans anyone from marketing or using a discovery without the prior agreement of the inventor, namely the seed industry. The consequence is that farmers are obliged to pay royalties when they use farm seeds that reproduce – intentionally or not – the gene or variety patented by industry. The NVC, which is defended tooth and nail by the seed industry, has become even worse than the patent.

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Post written by Reseau Semences Paysannes, a French network of professionals and civil society working for the redeployment of crop biodiversity in fields and gardens.

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