Challenge for Europe

Since 1992, successive reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have introduced new non-food priorities like environmental protection, development of rural areas, climate change and renewable energy. The European institutions are trying to strengthen rural development policy to respond to these “new challenges” and part ways with the policy of supporting agricultural revenues. And yet, it must remain nuanced. Given the strategic orientation of the European Union, it seems like the second pillar of the CAP (rural development) remains an agro-regional policy. In fact, it mainly targets farms. It is the expression of a European project that struggles to find its place between the objectives of competitiveness, social-territorial cohesion and sustainable development.

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Post written by Samuel Féret, coordinator of CAP 2013, a French work platform which includes organizations of farmers, international solidarity, sustainable development and environmental protection on the future of CAP ( This text is a summary of CAP 2013’s proposals.

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