Challenge for Europe

The European Union is reorienting itself towards the creation of an integrated armed force. Yet training standards, operational doctrines and rules of engagement are not the same across member-states. From now on, we propose that the rules of engagement of national forces of EU member states and the rights and responsibilities of militaries be standardized.

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Post written by Manfred Rosenberger, Colonel (retired) of the Dutch Federal Forces, Deleguee of the Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer for the Dialogue between Militaries and Civil Societes, Monitor of the International Alliance for Peace and Security

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  1. I am very pleased to hear that finally some movements towards a more equal situation in european military situation are being made or at least spoken out. In my close family I got to hear strange and unbelievable conditions in Greek military. Greece as a long term member of eu is still far behind fullfilling eu standarts in human rights in their military and that is disasterous and desperatly needs change.

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