Challenge for Europe

Rethinking the authorization procedures of trans-genetic varieties in Europe is imperative, both from a scientific and a democratic perspective. These procedures need to guarantee a rigorous independent evaluation of files, involve citizens in decision-making throughout a process that is as transparent as possible and which gives recourse to both national and regional safeguard clauses. Without an overhaul of the authorization procedures, the European Union promotes a profoundly hypocritical discourse that seeks to appease multinationals by guaranteeing them free trade while preserving the environment and public health. These are two profoundly contradictory objectives and this is why we take interest.

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Post written by Aurélien Bernier, author of Les OGM en guerre contre la société (2005, Mille-et-une-Nuits) ; Le climat, otage de la finance (2008, Mille-et-une-Nuits), Contributor to Le Monde Diplomatique, and President of Inf’OGM (

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